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This safari holiday takes you to Queen Elizabeth National Park where you get to view the picturesque park from an Eagle's vantage point in a hot air balloon. You view herds of buffalo, elephant and other game as well as some of the park's attractions like one of the most beautiful crater lakes in the world. You get to explore the park on land in a game drive. Lastly, you visit the Kyambura gorge for a chimpanzee trek in the beautiful "hanging rainforest."

This tour gives primate and wildlife lovers a chance of a lifetime to track down some of the rarest apes in Africa. Uganda is indeed a primate-lovers paradise with a record of 20 species recorded within our borders. From the largest primates like the Mountain gorillas to the smaller bush babies- surely primate lovers will be excited about seeing some of these diverse cousins of ours. Tracking gorillas and chimpanzees are surely the highlights of any trip to Uganda and with this itinerary, you will not be

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