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Travelers checklist for a safari trip to Uganda

We all get excited when it comes to traveling. we want to go for adventures and explore what is on the other side of the world. But most importantly we must ensure that all our travel documents are valid and not forgetting some items that are essential for every safari and they include:

For women

  1. Clothing.
    this is so obvious, we suggest you pack a limited number of clothes especially tops and jeans since they can be reused, not forgetting underwear and bras. Consider packing warm clothing too like a jacket and a sweater depending on your destination.
  2. Toiletries.
    women carry certain toiletries for particular reasons. you can consider buying a toilet bag for convenience and add all the necessary items you may need such as shampoos, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush and add other items like perfumes, deodorants, shaving related items, contact lens, makeup items, sunscreen, fabric freshener, travel size toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, first-aid compact kit, prescription drugs, etc.
  3. Electronic items.
    consider carrying portable items during a safari trip. You obviously need a phone to be in touch with your loved ones, a camera is a must have you wouldn’t want to miss taking photos the memories are worth keeping. you could also carry a pair of binoculars; they are very important during a safari especially when birding. you can get a chance to see a variety of bird species from a far distance.
    another item to carry along with you, is a flashlight.  This is convenient during the night since generators are tuned off in some places and some use solar and kerosene lanterns.

4.  Shoes.
Ensure to pack about two pairs of comfortable shoes depending on the activities you are going to engage in. if you are going birding, make it a must to carry boots because they are firm and at least you won’t hurt yourself as you trek in the wilderness. you can also carry sandals or flip flops which can be used around the pool.

5. Money belt.
This is very important during a safari. you don’t want the hustle of carrying a handbag. so why not use a portable money belt that you can wear under your clothing and keep your money safe.

6. Journal.

We all get bored while on a plane or bus whatever means of transport you are using.  some people may decide to sleep but other than that, you can read a book to keep you going. it can be a magazine, novel you name it. It keeps you relaxed as you enjoy the trip to your desired destination.


7. Sunglasses’, sunscreen or a hat.
Uganda lies on the equator meaning sometimes the sun is too much and can affect the skin and eyes. Therefore, you need to cover up to be on the safe side.



For Men

  1.  Comfortable Walking Shoes.
    Given that November is a rainy season and some of you will be traveling it is advisable to bring shoes that can handle heavy showers for example boots. Otherwise, sandals are perfectly acceptable, but they should be sturdy. Flip-flops would be perfect for informal gatherings.
  2. Clothing.
    You obviously need to cover up but avoid bright colors and this applies to safari activities. so, it’s advisable to pack clothes of neutral color such as jeans which offer extra protection during hikes, nature walks, gorilla and chimpanzee tracking. you can also pack long sleeved shirts, not only do they keep you warm but also protect you from insects, cuts from branches, thorns etc. consider carrying shorts and t-shirts which can be used in the evenings during dinner. A sweater or jacket is a must have during a safari depending on your destination. other items such as underwear, pajamas, undershirts, socks.
  3. Toiletries.
    Coming to Africa Uganda in particular doesn’t mean you are going to live like a bushman. Hello !! you need to keep up appearances. So you are advised to carry the essential grooming items such as travel floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, shaver, sewing kit, lotion, shampoo, comb, soap , sunscreen.
  4. Flashlight.
    The African wild is dark at night.  At times in some places the generators are turned off while others have solar lights and kerosene lanterns. It is simply smart to have a flashlight, keep it on the light side of your luggage in order to access it easily.
  5. Binocular.
    Many of you carry only cameras and forget the binoculars which are very important especially for birders. Even during boat cruises, you get to see so many animal species and sometimes you need a pair of binoculars depending on the location.
  6. Journal.
    A safari journal enhances the experience. You might want to carry some of your favorite books just to keep you in a relaxed mood.
  7. Phone or tablet.
    Well your not abandoning your family for the wilderness are you? You surely need a phone to keep in touch with your loved ones and tell them about the wonderful experience on your safari.8.Camera.
    your surely going to have an awesome experience, one to remember in a       life time. So you definately need to carry a camera with you, the memories are worth keeping. Dont forget to bring a complete extra set of chargeable batteries along with your charger , the cigarette lighter connection for your charger so that you can charge your batteries in the safari vehicle. You can also bring  extramemory cards with you in case you are taking a lot of pictures and also have backup.
    For toddlers and babies.
    1. clothing.
    You’re not going to forget that babies need clothes too are you. well babies are fragile so you may want to pack war comfortable clothes like sweater and jacket, casual outfits like dresses, tops, shorts, trousers. you can also pack pajamas, socks, travel crib sheet, baby blanket, swimsuit, underwear. do not forget to pack boots and sandals, sunhat and sunglasses.

    Babies really need to be taken good care of, so you are advised to carry all the necessary toiletries such as baby soap, baby shampoo, conditioner, comb or brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, baby bath towel, baby wipes, diapers, ear buds’ sealable plastic bags for diapers, hand sanitizers, diaper cream, baby powder.

    2. Entertainment.
    toddlers need to have fun while away from home. so, you may want to pack some toys to keep them busy such as dolls, toy cars, teddy bears, and may be drawing books and crayons for coloring pictures.

    3.Baby gear.
    I will say this again, babies are fragile, so they need to be cared for    all the time. It’s advisable to carry all the essential baby gear during a trip such as baby stroller, baby carrier, baby bag pack, teething ring, pacifiers, car seat, baby monitor.

    4.Medical kit
    During a safari trip adult are advised to carry a medical kit with all the necessary medical items like thermometer, baby nasal drop, motion sickness medicine, asthma inhaler incase the baby is asthmatic, and any other medicine but all this should be prescribed by the doctor.

    5.Feeding equipment.
    Babies’ meals must be handled with care; therefore, you are advised to pack some baby food together with the feeding equipment while on a safari to make it more convenient. you can pack snacks, powered formula, cereal, cereal not forgetting the feeding equipment such as baby bottle, baby bowls, spoons, sippy cups, burb cloths etc.



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