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For Amazing Travel Experiences In Uganda.

Whether you are looking to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and serenity of Uganda’s unspoiled national parks, meet the famous mountain gorillas of Uganda, or watch Big Game, Globetrotters has robust Uganda safaris to suit your special preferences. Request a free custom quote.

What our customers say about Globetrotters’ Safari Travel experiences.

[luv_testimonials style=”modern” color_scheme=”custom-color” bubble_arrows=”false” columns=”{‘desktop’:’1′,’tablet-landscape’:’1′,’tablet-portrait’:’1′,’mobile’:’1′}” text_color=”#666666″ quote_color=”#eb5200″ name_color=”#000000″ position_color=”#666666″ background_color=”#ffffff” opacity=”false” center_is_active=”false”][luv_testimonials_inner name=”Nick Austin” position=”USA”]Outstanding trip. We loved every part of it and the service was great. I felt totally at ease knowing you guys had everything handled. This was the best experience us first time visitors could have asked for.[/luv_testimonials_inner][/luv_testimonials]
[luv_testimonials style=”modern” border_radius=”10″ color_scheme=”custom-color” bubble_arrows=”false” hover_animation=”false” shadow_on_hover=”false” center_is_active=”true” columns=”{‘desktop’:’1′,’tablet-landscape’:’1′,’tablet-portrait’:’1′,’mobile’:’1′}” text_color=”#666666″ quote_color=”#eb5200″ name_color=”#000000″ position_color=”#666666″ background_color=”#ffffff”][luv_testimonials_inner name=”Karen Voss” position=”USA”]Hi Mona! Let me start by saying this was a GREAT trip! We thoroughly enjoyed the time with had with our guide and the whole group. And my goodness, the animals, people and scenery, Uganda is truly blessed. Thanks for a life changing experience.[/luv_testimonials_inner][/luv_testimonials]
[luv_testimonials style=”modern” border_radius=”10″ color_scheme=”custom-color” columns=”{‘desktop’:’1′,’tablet-landscape’:’1′,’tablet-portrait’:’1′,’mobile’:’1′}” opacity=”true” center_is_active=”true” text_color=”#666666″ quote_color=”#eb5200″ name_color=”#000000″ position_color=”#666666″ background_color=”#ffffff”][luv_testimonials_inner name=”Teresa Jones” position=”UK”]Ben and I can’t say enough how amazing the trip was. As you know I’ve been to Uganda before but we have never experienced quality service like yours even outside Uganda. We’ll definitely be recommending you. Keep up the good work.[/luv_testimonials_inner][/luv_testimonials]
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Our Tailor-Made Uganda Safaris

Not sure of how to secure the Best Uganda Safaris and need a little inspiration? We can help. Check out our tailor-made Uganda Safaris that you can take right now

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Did not find a Safari that suits you? No worries!

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The Most Popular Things-To-Do While At Your Visit To Uganda.

Deep in the central belt of East Africa, the landlocked country of Uganda is a delight for African travellers. For its small size, Uganda has a lot to offer travellers on the lookout for the incredible things-to-do and a warm tropical climate.

For those of you that spend alot of time in the dry, hot and arid parts of the world, Uganda brings you the lush green landscape that can be a relief. Read on for the top things you should see and do while in Uganda.

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[luv_image_box color_scheme=”default” image=”774″ title=”Gorilla Trekking” href=”/product-category/primate-trekking/”][/luv_image_box]
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[luv_image_box color_scheme=”default” image=”845″ title=”Adventure Safari” href=”/product-category/adventure-holidays/”][/luv_image_box]
[luv_image_box color_scheme=”default” image=”799″ title=”Bird Watching” href=”#”][/luv_image_box]
[luv_image_box color_scheme=”default” image=”768″ title=”City Tours” href=”/product-category/city-tour/”][/luv_image_box]
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Welcome to the Pearl of Africa

Globetrotters Travel & Tours Services.

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Keep updated with our offers!

Whether you are looking to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and serenity of Uganda’s unspoiled national parks, or go abroad for holiday we shall keep you up to date with best travel deals to suit your personal preferences.

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